What Are The Different Types Of Bollards

Nowadays, an increasing number of vehicles such as swanky cars, scooters and three-wheelers have led to uncontrollable congestion. These have made parking a world of chaos. However, with the use of bollards, one can mitigate the repercussions of bad parking. These metallic posts guide the drivers while parking their vehicles to prevent congestion and jams.

Reasons To Use Road Bollards

Road bollards are the most preferred ones because they are convenient. By carefully placing them across different areas, one can manage the traffic and control the movement of vehicles in an enclosed area.

Protect The People

Delineating the traffic helps protect the lives of people. Otherwise, a haphazard way of parking might hamper the security of pedestrians and could cause a host of accidents.

Also, road bollards manage the traffic and by seeing the signposts, one comes to know about the areas reserved for parking cars. It helps to provide a seamless experience to the people commuting by vehicle and the ones who travel by foot.

Protect The Infrastructure And The Assets

By demarcating the areas using the parking-bollards, one can protect the infrastructure and several assets. For example, before the gas or water pipes, gates, wells, columns and entryways one can display the concrete bollards and instruct the people to park carefully.

In some cases, drivers overlook the ordinary sign boards and smash the vehicles with buildings, rocks or trees. However, it is difficult to not pay attention to these bollards as these prevent damage to the infrastructure and keep the surroundings secure.

Streamline The Traffic

Reasons To Use Road Bollards

Through these bollards, one can streamline the traffic and secure own parking spot in a mall, hospital or museum.

Only a few numbers of vehicles can be parked at one point in time which reduces congestion and drivers find it easy to manoeuvre their cars or two-wheelers through the parking area.

Prevent Encroachment Of Parked Vehicles

When one parks their vehicles in the specified area, there are fewer chances of the cars being encroached on by the police. Also, the traffic police might tow away vehicles that have been parked incorrectly. The use of road bollards is to prevent the two-wheelers from entering the pavement.

Moreover, drivers have become cautious and do not park their vehicles on the footpath or the areas reserved for pedestrians.

Summing it up, the use of concrete bollards helps to manage the parking of cars. It is the responsibility of the traffic police to keep the cars safe and prevent getting towed away because of illegal parking. These metallic signposts do not cause jams or congestion and allow vehicle owners to manoeuvre their cars or two-wheelers smoothly. People have learnt to adopt sensible ways of parking that help mitigate traffic hazards and lessen the number of casualties.