How To Properly Care For And Rehabilitate Rescued Horses

Caring for and rehabilitating rescue horses can be a challenging but rewarding journey, and each horse will have its own plan to follow depending on its needs to help it get back on its feet. There are a few aspects that you’ll need to focus on including nutrition. Reintroducing feed to a severely malnourished animal carries the risk of refeeding syndrome so selecting high-fibre horse food as a source of calories, whilst also maintaining gut health is essential. Read on as we take a closer look at this and other considerations below.

Nutrition for rescued horses

Rehabilitating a rescue horse comes with a few challenges, one of the first and most important being nutrition. If a horse has been neglected, the likelihood is that it won’t have had access to a healthy diet that is suited to its nutritional needs – if any food at all. Weight loss results and many rescue horses and ponies are emaciated and often too weak to stand. It is also likely that the horse will have a significant parasite burden which needs to be dealt with by a vet. Nutritionists and vets work together to tackle these issues as carefully as possible and devise feeding plans that consider all the risk factors affecting these horses.

Weight gain can be difficult and can cause health issues like refeeding syndrome. This can see a rise in glucose which then spikes insulin. When this happens, the body in its malnourished state struggles to manage these fluctuations and takes nutrients away from other essential functions which can cause organ failure. There are a few tips to help avoid this, such as:

Nutrition for rescued horses

  • Feeding alfalfa: This is low in starch and includes a variety of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium which are needed specifically to help avoid refeeding syndrome
  • Unmolassed sugar beet pulp: This is also low in starch and sugar and is another good source of calcium. It provides highly digestible fibre so provides a slow release energy source that is easier for the horse to utilise.
  • Use digestive aids: the microbiota in the gut reflect the animal’s diet and so in malnourished animals it is likely their microbial population is compromised. Digestive aids such as yeast help to re-establish a healthy microbiota and a good diet will establish a healthier microbiome in which they can then proliferate.

Identifying physical health issues

A neglected horse could have some physical health issues that may cause them discomfort. This could be anything from problems with the hooves – they are likely to be overgrown, to teeth which could also be causing them issues if they’ve not been checked in a while. A rescued horse will undergo checks from vets and farriers, as well as physiotherapists who can literally help them get back on their feet, and dentists to help identify and rectify any dental issues the horse may have.

Identifying mental health issues

Of course, being a rescue horse it’s reasonable to expect some psychological issues. These issues may then be reflected in the way the horse behaves. It may display symptoms of stress and anxiety – it may pace or weave to cope with stress. It may also show signs of hyperactivity or agitation, impatience, or even show aggression. Professional trainers experienced in these issues are usually best placed to manage these horses. Charities around the UK spend time and effort trying to re-train and then re-home these animals.

Secure environment

If a horse is being rehabilitated due to neglect, it may need time to adjust to living in new surroundings. Try and make the horse’s new home comfortable and secure and try and maintain a daily routine for them to follow – horses thrive on this. You should also make sure that they have the option to socialise with other horses. Whilst this may be difficult at first, especially if the horse is easily spooked or showing signs of stress and anxiety, they are social animals, and it will help them to destress and learn social skills they may have lost.

How To Welcome A Bengal Kitten Comfortably Into Your Home?

Bengal Kittens are amongst the most loved and admired varieties of cats that large numbers of people like to keep as pets. These cute-looking cats automatically propel anyone to get the same home and make them a part of their family. Like all other types of cats and kittens, Bengal kittens also have some specific needs and they need to be made comfortable once they are brought home. Here are some of the things that you can do to welcome a Bengal Kitten into your home in a very comfortable manner.

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly First

Before you finally bring Bengal kittens for sale home, it is advised to make your home pet friendly. It means you need to make sure that your home is adjusted in such a way that a little pet like a Bengal Kitten may stay safe in it. All sharp objects must be removed. Likewise, you must pay attention to the sharp edges or corners that may hurt the little pet. Cover all such hazardous things or remove the same beforehand to rule out the chances of any injuries or accidents with your kitten.

Arrange For Some Toys

Most pets like to play with toys of different types. Hence you need to arrange for some toys for the little kitten so that it may remain busy with them once it is introduced into your family and home. Keep all toys ready to give a warm welcome to the kitten.

Proper Diet And Water Need To Be Arranged

As per the specific dietary requirements of the kitten that you want to bring home, you need to arrange for proper food and water for the same. Also, be attentive to the use of suitable and safe bowls and other utensils to feed the kitten.

Resting And Hiding Space Is Necessary

Like all other pets, Bengal kittens also like to have their resting and hiding space. Hence you need to create a separate area for these cute kittens where they can rest and also hide. It is a natural activity of the kittens that they love to get engaged in. Giving separate space to the kitten allows it to get used to the new surroundings in an easy way.

Arrange For A Scratching Post As Well

Most of the kittens including the Bengal kittens for sale need to scratch their bodies to soothe down the itching and irritation on their skin. Thus you must arrange for a proper scratching post for the kittens to make them feel comfortable.

This way you may very comfortably and effortlessly welcome a Bengal Kitten into your home. By making a few preparations in an advanced manner, you can surely let your cute kitten feel safe and secure when it arrives at your place.

How To Cure Infections Caused By Yeast In Dogs?

Yeast is a type of self Reproducing fungi that is often used in baked goods to make them softer and help items like breads and cakes rise better. While it is safe to consume after it has been thoroughly cooked, if  uncooked yeast comes in contact with any living being externally, it can result in a terrible infection of many sorts. While many yeast infections are easy to catch as well as treat in humans, yeast infections in animals such as dogs may be harder to detect and hence harder to treat. infections caused by yeast in dogs often goes undetected since it takes place in difficult spots.

What are symptoms of yeast infection in dogs?

Since yeast thrives in places that are moist and wet, they often take place in spots like the paws or around the mouth of a dog. The affected area in the dog begins to itch and becomes red and irritated. Not only this but if your dog belongs to a hairy breed, then it may even experience severe hair loss. In the case of a chronic and relatively dangerous yeast infection,  the skin of a dog may suddenly becomes more pigmented and thicker of some sorts. A dog’s paws, skin, ears and belly are the most commonly affected areas by a yeast infection.

How to cure a yeast infection in your dog?

Once you have confirmed that the symptoms your dog is showing belongs to a yeast infection only, there are many things you can do to help your fur baby. There is much talk of many home remedies that help cure yeast infections in dogs. Some of them include feeding the dog, some curd some high fiber vegetables, probiotics or even certain herbs or one could go a step further and apply external topicals such as hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or even coconut oil. However none of the above remedies are backed by scientific research. They may work some times or they may make the infection worse. One remedy that does work is vinegar. Vinegar rinses after proper dilution are scientifically proven to reduce yeast infection in dogs.

No one wishes to see their little fur baby suffer however it is very common for panicked parents to see their pets in trouble or distress and instantly enter their symptoms into a quick internet search and then accordingly. However one must know to not blindly trust the internet when it comes to health.

Best Pills or capsules available in the market in America for dogs

CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil is an extract from the cannabis plant, whether marijuana or hemp. The extract from the hemp plants contains the maximum amount of CBD oil with significantly less THC and is completely legal in America. The place where maximum and high-quality hemp plants are grown is Colorado. The pills are made up of various ingredients and flavors but contain traces of CBD oil, so the pills need to be crushed or mixed in the food or drink of the dog. In this article, we will be discussing where to Buy CBD pills for dogs.

Why is CBD given to dogs?

  • Your dog should take it if it suffers from arthritis or joint pain. The dosage is twice daily, like 2mg per kg of your dog’s weight.
  • It helps to reduce seizure attacks among dogs.
  • It helps to reduce your dog’s feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and stress. This situation is common among younger dogs as they desire more of your time and comfort, so when you don’t give them the affection or attraction they deserve, they tend to become stressed and depressed, and sometimes even aggressive.

Best CBD capsules for dogs-

  • Holistapet CBD hemp extract for pets’ capsules- each capsule contains 30 mg of CBD extract. Does not contain any trace of THC in this product. The ingredient used is CBD oil, and hemp flower powder does not contain any animal gelatine, so it is completely vegan. It is effective for dogs and cats if they suffer from skin allergies, stress, anxiety, joint pain, etc. This product is free from GMOs, gluten, additives, preservatives, and dairy. Available in 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, 3000 mg. Price- $25.95 to $144.95.
  • Innovet PURCBD capsules for dogs- contain full-spectrum CBD oil in these capsules. Does not contain any additives, preservatives, or pesticides in this product. Contains 5 mg or 25 mg of CBD extract in every capsule, depending on the dog’s size. A bottle of 400 mg contains 90 capsules. This product is beneficial for medium and large-size dogs. The ingredients used are entirely natural. 5mg capsules are for dogs till 100 lbs weight price is $59.95, and 25 mg capsules are for dogs whose weight is from 100lbs to 150lbs, which is $124.50. These capsules will make your dogs active, reduce inflammation and skin infections, and cure stomach diseases.

The CBD mentioned above capsules for dogs are effective and ultimately beneficial.

Dogs can experience great advantages of CBD oil

Ask about the effects of CBD oil to your friends’ and coworkers’ who have give CBD oil to their dogs. They will tell you about how to use a modest dose of CBD oil, their impacts on dog’s health and behavior improved over time. They’ll never have to worry about their dogs acting weird again. And as a result of the information they keep feeding you, you became interested in CBD oils. If you’re a dog owner who’s still looking for ways to improve your dog’s health – and you’re starting to believe that best cbd oil for dogs will help you.

Before providing CBD to your dog, you must first evaluate the benefits of CBD for dogs. It is vital to keep in mind when it comes to your dog’s well-being.

Benefits of CBD oil

  • Relieve pain quickly – CBD oil contains ingredients that can help your pets feel better right away. Allow your dogs to use CBD oils if they have chronic pain, muscle spasms, or heart murmurs, and their suffering will be over in a short time! CBD is an effective pain treatment for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety – Dogs are like humans that have the potential of suffering anxiety. If left untreated, they may lose their appetite and become more susceptible to disease. All of these issues can be avoided if you use CBD oils for your dogs. CBD oils have been shown in trials to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and stress.
  • Induces dog’s hunger – If your dog’s food bowl is empty for days, you’d be concerned. Aside from the fact that they aren’t getting enough nutrients, you’d be worried about the reason for their behavior. Dogs may lose their appetite due to nausea, and if there is a problem in the digestive your dog won’t eat. Well, CBD can solve this problem and induces hunger to eat foods well.

If you feed something to your dog, you should be careful, just as you should be when doing something for your health. You should think about whether this best cbd oil for dogs is going to be good for them in the long run. You should also consider the CBD that is beneficial and meet the requirements of your dog’s health.



Good Pet Tips

For most pet owners, there are times when you need to leave your precious companion animals alone. Whether on vacation or on a business trip, there will be times when you cannot take your pets with you. Of course, it is very important that you are confident in the ability of the nanny to care for your pet. Subsequently, the ideal solution is to ask a friend, neighbor or relative to take care of your animal in his absence. However, not always a friend or family member can take responsibility for the animal. In this case, pet owners must find a reliable professional nanny.

Good Pet Tips

This article will offer advice on how to find a nanny with whom you can feel comfortable.

  • The first step is to find a reputable professional pet that can be a private individual or business. Often the best way to find a good teacher is to get your name from a friend, and then you can be sure that the nanny is reliable and genuine. If you cannot find a nanny using your contacts, it is helpful to consult your local veterinarian, who is likely to contact you with prestigious caregivers in your area.
  • Before organizing a meeting with a pet sitting with pets, it is recommended to determine which tasks you should perform and how often you need to perform these tasks. For example, some babysitters will visit pets once a day for twenty to thirty minutes. However, dogs may need more regular visits. It may be useful for you to prepare a list of tasks that you would like the nanny to carry out, as can be discussed at the meeting.
  • All good pet lovers will request an “initial consultation” or initial consultation, during which you and the guardian will be able to discuss working conditions. This is also a good time to ask for links to your potential pet. If you have any questions regarding the honesty and reliability of the caregiver, it is always advisable to seek advice.
  • Before meeting with your model, it’s a good idea to make a list of all the things you would like to ask. In addition, it is advisable to record any important information about your pet, such as health problems, special requirements and the number of the veterinarian in case of emergency.
  • During the initial consultation, some pet lovers will ask for payment. Make sure you are satisfied with your choice of babysitter before delivering money. Remember that this person will have the keys to your home and alarm codes, as well as caring for your pet.


Obviously, leaving the animal for any reason can be extremely stressful for both you and your pets. Therefore, it is important to reduce as much anxiety as possible. After making sure that you have found a great pet you can trust, you can leave your pet knowing that he or she is in good hands.