Know all about Calcium score in Wayne, NJ

The most accurate calcium score screening in Wayne, NJ, is offered with care and attention to meet your individual needs by ImageCare. One of the most crucial decisions you can make for your calcium score test is selecting a diagnostic imaging facility. While waiting for various exams and procedures, patients can feel at ease in our welcoming environment. ImageCare welcomes patients to receive the care they require because it offers the most affordable medical imaging services.

Calcium Score Test

A calcium score test is a minimally invasive treatment that scans the coronary arteries with CT scans and x-rays to check for plaque formation. The following cardiac conditions are typically reviewed by your doctor if they are suggested to you:

  • Birth defects or congenital heart disease
  • Plaque buildup that may be obstructing your coronary arteries
  • Illness or damage to the heart’s four main valves.
  • Heart tumours or blood clots within the heart’s chambers

If your doctor advises that you have a calcium score screening, you should think about the advantages of doing so. You have the chance to confirm that your heart is working at its best when a calcium score test is advised. Your doctor can determine whether you have plaque buildup—which, if left untreated, can result in heart attack, stroke, or heart disease—by examining your calcium levels.

Your physiological health may be impacted if you have too much calcium in your heart. This can lead to abnormal heart rhythms. You could experience muscle spasms, twitches, or weakness. If left untreated, this may also result in neurological problems like depression, irritability, and memory loss. You will be given drugs to treat this if there is excessive calcium in your heart. Your calcium score is calculated on a scale with a maximum score of 300. If your calcium score is higher than 300, your heart’s ability to pump blood is being impeded by an excess of calcium.

You may rely on ImageCare for a precise calcium score screening as well as the right kind of care and attention for your worries. Rely on the knowledgeable radiologists at ImageCare if your heart doctor has advised you to obtain a calcium score test.