Industrial cleaning for factories, factories and factories even on large areas.

In industrial production, hygiene means efficiency and safety. It is at the side of its customers to ensure the cleanliness of the production premises with a tailor-made service. The many years of experience with industrial companies and the development of highly advanced procedures and technologies allow us to offer speed and competence. An experienced and qualified team is able to satisfy requests thanks to the use of specific procedures, careful planning and high mechanization commercial cleaning services in Kitchener .

This guarantees experience and preparation in all sectors of industry and in every production area, in particular:

Mechanical and metallurgical industries

Agri-food industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Manufacturing industries

Technological industries

What is the difference between civil cleaning and industrial cleaning?

Civil cleaning concerns environments intended for civil and residential use. While requiring professional interventions, they are aimed at places where dirt is usually contained.

Industrial cleaning is much more complex due both to the diversity of destination of the environments and to specific procedures in the use of technologically advanced machinery.

The service in detail

Industrial cleaning means the cleaning of structures, premises and machinery intended for production. Each sector has specific protocols that include different types of treatments and interventions.

Adequate instrumentation is therefore necessary for the hygiene and maintenance of industrial plants and production plants. These are services that require special machines and equipment to ensure satisfactory hygienic conditions, always with a view to compliance with the regulations for the safety and health of employees.

the result of years of experience with important production companies. Based on the structure and work cycles, our company intervenes to ensure an optimal result without interfering with production, using safe and tested procedures.