Pokemon go account – the most common questions

As we all know, in order to play the pokemon go game, the players are supposed to create an account in their official gaming app. Each and every time when the player is in need to play the game, they must play it from their respective account. Since the accounts tend to play such an important role in this game, the gamers should be aware of its maintenance at its best. Some of the most common questions on these accounts and the best answer for it are revealed here.

Is it possible to have two accounts?

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This is the most common question raised by many beginners. Obviously the gamers can have two accounts and they can switch over from one account to another according to their needs. But they must realize the fact that while opening an account they are supposed to link it with an email id. In such case they are not allowed to use the same email id for two accounts. In case if they tend to have two email addresses, they can make things easier and can enjoy having two accounts in pokemon go.

How to get the account unbanned?

In case if the players tend to go against the terms and conditions mentioned by the developers, their account will get banned. It is also to be noted that even the inactive accounts will also get banned by the developers. The players who want to unban their account must approach the Niantic support website. It is to be noted that this is the right place for their account unban. Hence they should approach thing website and must click on the link to follow all the essential procedure for unban. Obviously this procedure may consume some time.

Is it safe to buy pokemon go account?

Undoubtedly it can be stated to the safest choice. The people who want to get rid of all the hassles in developing an account can move to the destination where they can find pokemon go account for sale. The gamers buy the most secured account which is developed according to the terms and conditions of the developers.