Is it true that confinement food is a must post-delivery?

There is a concept of confinement in many Asian customs where the new mother is kept in isolation for a few months after childbirth. This is primarily intended at providing the rest that her body needs at this time. Confinement food is specially prepared and served during this time. When you cannot prepare this on your own, confinement meal delivery Singapore comes to your rescue. If you think if confinement food is really essential read on to know.

  • To help recover lost nutrients:

During childbirth, a mother expends a lot of energy and requires nutritional supplements to get back to the pre-pregnancy stage. This recovery is mainly possible through food only. Many customs follow different procedures in taking care of a new mom. Generally in Asian custom, a period of 30-40 days confinement is prescribed for a new mom. During this period the new mother can take in through food, the necessary nutrition so that she stays healthy and can also take care of the baby. You need protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins. A nutrient-dense food can help in speedy recovery.

  • To facilitate blood circulation:

You lose a lot of blood during the delivery of your child. Your body needs to replenish the blood cells soon to stay strong. To improve blood circulation in the body, a lot of iron-rich food should be taken. If your body does not have the required amount of blood cells you will become anemic. This makes you feel dull and tired. All this can be corrected during your confinement period. confinement meal delivery singapore helps nursing mothers by providing nutritious and delicious meals at their doorstep.

  • To keep depression away:

Postpartum depression is a common term that we have heard of from new mothers. This is a condition faced by many moms who are not able to cope with the sudden changes in their body requirements and the demands of the child. When you take a balanced confinement food you can be away from depression soon. This is because once your body gets the necessary nutrition through food, you start to feel better. It is the deficiency of certain essential vitamins and minerals that makes you feel miserable post-delivery. A healthy meal can keep you fit physically and mentally.

  • To help in breastfeeding:

The baby’s main source of nutrition is the mother’s milk for the first few months. If you are to breastfeed your child you must be strong and healthy first. You need not worry when you follow the confinement food practices as they have all the essentials to bring you back to normal. If the baby does not find enough milk, you may feel sore and painful when it sucks. You are offered healthy soups as confinement meals and this helps in an increased supply of milk.